Best Air Cooler In India 2020: Top Reviews

Best Air Cooler in India: Being a hot tropical country, the weather in India is sweltering in summer. Some cities like Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. burn like hell in the summer. The story of other cities is no different per say. Moreover, due to the increasing global warming, the weather is increasing every year. In such a situation, if you want to get rid of the scorching heat of summer, you must opt for the best air cooler in India, as that can appear as a life saviour for you and your family. 

Air cooler is an affordable and portable device that delivers cool air. If you are still thinking, why should you have an air cooler in 2020, we can say the advantages of air cooler can’t be overemphasized. When you feel exhausted from the extreme heat, the air cooler will give you the maximum comfort with the chilled and pleasant air. Here, in this article, we will discuss the best air cooler in India that will provide you with the optimum level of relief from the scorching heat of summer. In short air coolers are as important as gas stoves especially in hot countries like India.

After knowing so much about air coolers, you must be thinking which one will be the best for you to save you from the scorching heat of summer. Hence, in this article, we will provide a list of top 5 best air cooler in India of 2020 so that you can choose the best among them. 

#1 Usha Striker 70 SD1 70-Litre Desert Cooler (White)

The USHA striker 70 SD1 70 litres desert cooler is mainly designed to keep you comfortable in the scorching summer season. This air cooler is able to provide the airflow at your sitting level. With this cooler, you will get the convenience of huge capacities, and the huge capacity helps to provide an uninterrupted supply of cold air for a longer time. These air coolers come with a tall body design that is able to provide the airflow at the height of near around 1m.

Thereby it can give a cool and pleasant breeze directly to the body level. With this air cooler, you will get the support of the water level indicator that gives your identification for minimum and maximum water level. The airflow rate of this air cooler is 3685m3/h that ensures wider and faster cooling. The best part of this air cooler that it consumes very less energy. Due to the lower electricity consumption, this air cooler has the ability to work on the inverter. So, you can use this air cooler conveniently during power cuts.

Verdict- The USHA Striker 70 litre desert cooler will be your ultimate solution to beat the scorching heat. Arguably it is one of the best desert air cooler in India.

#2. i BELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery

While looking for the best air cooler in India, you can go for the iBELL DELUXE tower fan for its excellent performance. This air cooler is dedicated to blow the scorching heat of summer away from your home. When it comes to airflow, this tower air cooler can compete for international level air coolers. This air cooler is ideal for home uses and office uses, as it is very stylish from appearance and sturdy as well. The iBell DELUXE tower fan is mainly designed in an aesthetic way that is appropriate for modern homes.

Moreover, it is very durable as it comes with a rust-proof body made with high-quality metal and plastic parts. So, if you purchase this air cooler, you don’t have to worry about the quality and longevity of this product. The sleek and stylish design of this cooler gives an attractive appearance to your sitting room or bedroom. This air cooler is able to throw the air up to 25 feet. The high performing motor of this cooler can deliver air up to 2250 m3/hr. The best part of it is that the operation of this is very silent. With this, you will get the convenience of 3-speed control that ensures pleasant air every time.

Verdict- It ensures noise-free cooling with the utmost efficiency.

#3. Voltas Mega 70 Desert Cooler - 70 Litres

Voltas is one of the best air cooler brand in India, and an efficient air cooler like the Voltas Mega 70litres desert cooler makes perfect sense in this list for several reasons. This air cooler offers high quality with its excellent build quality. Though it is not a very affordable air cooler, it will still make your every spent money worthy. Moreover, it comes with excellent fit and finish and constructed with high-quality materials that enhance the longevity of this product. So, you can enjoy a trouble-free service with this air cooler

This high-quality air cooler is mainly designed for those who look both for durability and good quality. So you don’t have to doubt for a single time with the performance of this air cooler. The aesthetic appearance of this air cooler makes it ideal for modern homes. Also, this is one of the best air cooler in India, as it offers high quality that ensures high efficiency. With this air cooler, you also will get a lot of beneficial features. So, it will be very effective in challenging weather. Here, you will get the convenience of a highly efficient cooling pad that delivers better cooling levels and ensures even distribution of air to every corner of the room.

Verdict- If you are looking for an efficient and durable desert air cooler in India, you can go for this one.

#4.Symphony Storm 70 XL Desert Tower Air Cooler 70-litres

You can be summer-ready this year with the Symphony Storm 70 litres air cooler. With this air cooler, you will get a massive capacity of 70 litres that will be sufficient for your bedroom or sitting room. This air cooler works on the i-Pure technology that ensures the efficiency of the product. In our review, we have concluded that it is the best tower air cooler in India of 2020.

Moreover, it comes with the multistage air purification filters that include bacteria filter, allergy filter, wash filter, dust filter, and smell filter. Thereby it not only ensures a cold and pleasant breeze but also delivers hygienic air in every corner of the room. Also, you will get the advantage of a powerful blower fan and vertical swing with this best air cooler in India that ensures better airflow. It is simply the best air cooler with humidity control in India.

Verdict- For making your home a comfortable shelter in the burning summer season, you can go for this air cooler. Being the best air cooler company in India, Symphony is know for making quality products.

#5. Kenstar Doublecool -WAVER WW Room/Personal Air Cooler (Grey, Blue, 50 Litres)

If you want to make your home a comfortable shelter for the entire summer, you can go for the Kenstar Doublecool 50 litres air cooler. This air cooler comes with an attractive look that helps you to beat the heat with a stylish appearance. This air cooler works on the double cooling technology that ensures more efficiency of this product. Also, you will get the convenience of 3 controls with this air cooler. With this best air cooler in India 2020, you will get instant cooling even in extreme temperatures. It’s one of the best portable air cooler in India.

Verdict- It is an affordable air cooler in India that ensures efficiency. In fact it is one of the best air cooler under 10000 in India for sure.

Best Air Cooler in India Buying Guide

If you have decided to purchase the best air cooler in India 2020 both over online and in the market, you will get several options for air cooler brands that come with different specifications. Hence, it may be difficult for you to choose the best air cooler brand in India. Here, we will provide a complete buying guide so that you can purchase the best one. The aspects that you need to consider before making a purchase include

Type of the Air Cooler

Presently, all the best air coolers in India 2020 have been very popular for most of the households. But you have to choose the model carefully. While you are purchasing an air cooler, first, you have to consider the type of air cooler. You will usually see two types of air coolers: a personal cooler and desert coolers.

  • Best Desert Air coolers come in a more substantial capacity of near around 46 to 60 litres. The desert coolers are ideal for larger places such as dining halls, drawing rooms, etc. You can use these coolers for outdoor purposes as well. If you have organized an event at your home, you can surely use a desert cooler to get the maximum comfort. 
  • On the other hand, personal or portable air coolers are smaller in size. Personal coolers are also known as the room coolers that come with a capacity of around 25 to 30 litres. You can use personal coolers in smaller places such as in dorms, bedrooms, hostels, etc. The personal coolers are very convenient to use as they have wheels so that you can move it conveniently. The personal cooler is not only affordable, but also these are very energy efficient. 

Now it’s up to you which one you will choose as per your requirement and preference.

Size of the room

The size of the room also matters for the efficiency of the cooler. Hence, while you are purchasing an air cooler, you need to consider the size of the room where you will place it. Every best air cooler in India comes with a specific range that it can cover. If you are purchasing a powerful air cooler for a small room, it will be a complete waste of money. Hence, it is essential to understand the size of your room so that you can make a worthy purchase.

Water capacity

Water capacity is one of the most significant aspects that you need to consider while you are purchasing an air cooler. The water capacity also depends on the size of your room where you are going to place the air cooler. If you are going to place the air cooler in a small room, an air cooler of 30 litres will be sufficient for you. Otherwise, you are purchasing the air cooler for a bigger room; then, you should choose an air cooler with larger water capacity.

Energy consumption

It is natural that top air coolers in India won’t consume higher energy as air conditioners. But many of the air coolers are able to run by an inverter, and thereby they are highly energy efficient. It is recommended to choose an air cooler that consumes less electricity and ensures greater efficiency. 

Hopefully, by considering all these aspects, you can get the best air cooler in India of 2020 for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                       1. Does air cooler really work?

Yes, of course, it really works. In fact best air coolers in India can efficiently deliver cold air throughout your room. Moreover, you will experience several advantages of using an air cooler. Air coolers deliver good quality air around you. Also, these devices are very user friendly and efficient as well. 

2. What are the disadvantages of air coolers?

Besides a lot of advantages there are some disadvantages as well of air coolers that include;

  • Air coolers can’t properly function in coastal regions and in some areas that are highly polluted.
  • The device becomes unhygienic quickly unless you maintain it properly.
  • You need to change the water frequently and also have to clean the water pads regularly.
  • It needs a considerable amount of water to produce cold air.
  • It requires special installation.
  • It requires professional maintenance.
  • Air cooler needs good insulation in the room to save power and to operate efficiently.

3. Are air coolers harmful to our health?

It is entirely a myth that air coolers are harmful to health. Many people think that air coolers generate humidity that may cause bacteria or fungus. But it is not the fact at all. Even air coolers are a great alternative to air conditioners that deliver pleasant and cold air.


India is heating up insanely with every passing year. So, if you want to get prompt relief from this exhausting situation, you should grab the best air cooler in India of 2020 as soon as possible. So, stop thinking more and simply choose the best according to your preference. Moreover, if you can’t afford an air conditioner, you won’t have to suffer anymore. Just go through the above information, and you are all set to have the best air coolers for your sweet home.

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