Best BP Monitors in India 2020: Top Products Reviewed

Best BP Monitors in India: It is always important that you focus on your health no matter at what age you are currently. Frankly speaking, there are so many heart attack rates at the age of 30 as well which surely not the right thing to expect. That is why it is not just the diet or the workout regimen (like running on treadmills) to be focused on but also you need to make sure that your focus is well on controlling the stress and having a healthy routine time.

Failing to do so has increased the risk factors like blood pressure problems and hypertension because of which you may have to start with the medication at quite an early age. If you or any of your family members are already going through the fluctuating problem of blood pressure then probably, this is the right time for you to focus on getting best bp monitors in India at home.

With the blood pressure monitor, you will be able to have a regular check on your pulse, heartbeat and blood pressure and this can take the necessary action as and when needed. Such type of healthcare product (like best BP Monitors or Pulse Oximeters) is the very first step that can keep you healthy and out of frequent doctors’ visits too. Although some healthy options like fiber intake, low cholesterol food, and better protein intake are required, you must have a good record of your blood pressure monitor. For the first time users, there are so many questions that are likely to arise and that is why listed are some of the benefits that you can enjoy such as:

Top 6 Best BP Monitors to Buy in India (2020 Edition)

When it comes to purchasing healthcare products, make sure your priority the quality and accuracy and not the price. But again even some brands claim fake promises and end up giving the product which may not stand to expectations as it states in the ads and that is why listed are some of the best bp monitors in India that you may want to have a look at:

#1. Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor

If you have finally decided to get your BP monitored regularly then surely your approach is right. The best of choosing Omron is the brand has earned its name because of the range of the impeccable products that it has providing to the customers. With great quality and efficient results, Omron has now started offering the HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor. It is one of the top-notch product that is trending in the market which surely can help you have a regular check on the blood pressure at your home. This way, you can prevent all kinds of heart diseases and strokes too. The focus of this monitor is to make sure you can use it easily without any hassle. It is designed to have a routine check of your rate of the pulse along with the blood pressure in less time and that too accurately.

#2. Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor with Fit Cuff

Moving further another trending product in this list of best bp monitors in India is a product by Omron again, and it is the HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor with Fit Cuff. The name itself suggests that this is a smart technology-based product that allows 60 measurements to be done along with date and time. This way you can have a record of your health each day and accordingly take the action. It is compact; light in weight and offers one-touch operation which is why. Even senior citizens can use it without any problem. The construction is quite sturdy and it ensures the body movement along with hearts every beating is detected and the result if there is anything that is not good in your body, is promptly notified. This surely is one of the best products you can consider buying. The product is a perfect example of sleek designed with modern functionalities which is further loaded with features such as arm cuff, battery set, Body Movement Detection, 60 Memory with Date & Time, and Blood Pressure Level Indicator.

#3. Rossmax Ch155 Digital Bp Monitor

This is one of the best bp monitors 2020 and tough competition to moron brand because of the incredible features which it has been providing. This monitor is completely automatic and comes with some enhances technology which ensures the delivery of accurate measures is done with easy usability. The machine has already been outlined with a single one-touch operation. The measurement is most of the time accurate and even the senior citizens can use it well without being dependent on anyone to check the readings. Along with the blood pressure, it also gives the result of the pulse rate in fewer periods. This is a compact blood pressure monitor that follows the Oscillometric Principle. Thanks to the one-touch operation and BP machine is outlined with simple usage.

#4. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

best blood pressure monitors
Best BP Monitors in India

Enhanced with the intense technology, Omron knows how to help its customers in the right way to detect BP using such a monitor. Talking of which OMRON HEM-7120 is a new generation technology based blood pressure monitor that completely checks the heartbeat, pulse rate and also detects the changes in the blood pressure accurately and prompts immediately. This monitor works on the principles of Oscillometric and that is the main reason why you always get accurate results. It ensures the irregular heartbeat is detected and if there is any kind of hypertension, the same is counted immediately. The product comes with a lifetime warranty and has good support for the brand which is why it is the most trending one today. Loaded with advanced “IntelliSense” technology, this surely cuts down your visit to a doctor simply to check the blood pressure.

#5. Diamond DG024 Blood Pressure Monitor

For those who don’t want to compromise with the quality when it comes to BP monitor and if you have been looking around for the accurate results then surely this is the right device to think of. This device may look tiny but surely it has proved out to be a tough competition to some of the top-notch brands selling the blood pressure monitor. With great pricing and efficient technology, this product is a must but. It comes with options like pulse rate measurement, Systolic, and diastolic blood pressure results and better warranty which is why buying it is certainly the right choice. That is not it. This product comes works on the latest technology which s why it accurately tells the Systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It is arguably one of the best bp monitors in India that you can buy in 2020.

#6. Rossmax AU941f 7/14 Blood Pressure Monitor

Whether you want to track the variations taking place or you want to make sure the heartbeat or pulse rate is detected always, you can surely consider Rossmax AU941f 7/14 Blood Pressure Monitor. This is the best product to be chosen since; it has been designed considering some of the mental and physical factors that often hamper the blood pressure. Whether you want to manage to understand, diagnose or act on anything, this type of blood pressure monitor is surely one of the best things to have at home. It is better to take precautions especially when the concerns are related to heart and that is why this monitor is advised to be purchased since it can help in diagnosing and damaging the hypertensive patients or people having heart issues.

Best BP Monitors in India Buying Guide

The problem of blood pressure occurs when there are more loads on the vessels of the blood which then leads to the damages. In some seniors, the blood vessel walls can also have some holes which may result in internal bleeding and if it occurs in the brain then it is called a stroke. If you want to make sure you don’t become the next victim of such unfortunate happening, then follow the blood pressure monitor buying guide factors when you think of purchasing the best bp monitors in India.

Have A Fit Check

The blood pressure monitor cuff needs to fit well to your upper arm circumference. You must measure the arm with the help of measuring tape and then compare the product specification as stated. If the cuff is quite large then it may not stop the blood flow well and if the cut is small then it may result in the excess flow of the blood.

Compare The Price

The price of the monitor may vary depending on the features and technology used. You can go further for the reviews and make a choice. If the model is costly then there are chances for you to get a wide range of features so take your time and then make the decision


Look for the monitor that comes with the display which is quite easy to read. The buttons need to be quite large and convenience tend has to be intuitive. The directors that you may get in using the cuff and to operate the monitor has to be clear.

Focus On The Features

There can be different features like risk category indicator, irregular heartbeat detector, and even different cuffs and memory with download capability that you may not have in your monitor.

To choose a health care product like best BP monitors can often be challenging since there are so many amazing brands selling genuinely and providing an accurate result. So take your time, compare well and then buy the one matching your needs.

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