Best Rucksack in India in 2020: Top Reviews

Best Rucksack in India: Travelling is a passion, and we all love to travel domestically as well as internationally. What is one thing that you would need while traveling? Well, it is a rucksack. That can help you in carrying a lot of stuff, and it is a complete necessity while you are on a backpacking trip. You can carry all your essentials in your best rucksack, and this way, you will not have to carry check-in luggage with yourself, except your laptop backpacks if needed. Another good part about the rucksack is that they are lightweight and they are also easy to carry. Apart from this, you can carry a lot of things in your rucksack. With all this, it becomes important to have a durable rucksack that can travel the world with you.

If you are planning to buy nothing but the best rucksack in India and if you are confused between different Rucksacks, then do not worry because we are here to help you. We decided to go through the available rucksacks in India and review them for you. To help you, we have listed some of the best rucksacks 2020 available in the market. You can navigate to the next section and check out the available models. You can choose from the rucksacks that we have listed on this page, and we assure you that it will make traveling fun for you. Let us move on to the next section and check out the rucksacks available in India.

In this section, we have listed the top 7 best rucksacks available in India. Our experts compiled the list after a lot of consideration. We are sure that you must also be willing to look at the factors that our experts considered while choosing these top rucksacks. If so, you can skip the best rucksacks 2020 and check out the buying guide first. That would also help you in shortlisting the rucksacks as per your needs. Without waiting any further, let us now check out the best rucksack bags in India that we have on the list for you.

#1. POLESTAR Rocky Polyester 60 Lt Grey Rucksack

The first product that we have on our list of best rucksack 2020 is from Polestar. The dimensions of this bag are 68 cm x 24 cm x 36 cm, and it also has easy access top zip pocket. The total capacity of the bag is 60 liters, and the zip closure system is also very durable. The shoulder straps can easily be adjusted and they are made of breathable padding, which makes it easy for you to carry your rucksack even on long treks. The bag has enough space to carry your hammock and other travel gear.

The bag also has side mesh, which can be used to store the bottles. This rucksack is water-resistant, and it is made of polyester, which adds on a lot of durabilities to the bag.

When we reviewed this product, we haven’t faced any kind of difficulties as such. We have tried and tested it in different weather conditions as well, and the results are quite good. That’s why we added this one in this coveted list of best rucksack in India of 2020.

#2. Chris & Kate Black Travel Rucksack Backpack

At number 2, we have a rucksack from Chris & Kate. This rucksack has a heavy-duty construction and the primary material used is polyester. The rucksack has a capacity of 45 L and the dimensions are 58 cm x 27 cm x 27 cm. This rucksack has a lot of pockets, which means that you can keep different things in different compartments. All the compartments are spacious as well.

Another good feature of this  best rucksack is the shoulder straps and hip belt, which is padded for extra comfort. You get this bag at a very affordable price and hence it is one of the best choices available in the market. Check this out and we are sure that you would not need to go through other products on the list of best rucksack bags in India of 2020 that you can carry with you in your next backpacking trip.

#3. Impulse Waterproof Travelling Trekking Hiking Series 65 liters Rucksack

The next product on our list of best rucksack in India is from Impulse. This is one of the best products available in the Indian market. It is a waterproof bag and it also has a hood pocket for added storage. Apart from this, this rucksack has a front access pocket. The zippers are all of very high quality. There are side mesh pockets in the rucksack, and there are side compression straps to compact the rucksack.

In addition to the features listed above, the rucksack also has a dedicated pocket for the shoes. The shoulder strap is ergonomically designed. The manufacture provides a rain cover with this bag and the mesh on the backside ensures that you do not sweat. There is a dedicated strap to store your hiking pole as well. You can choose between blue or red colour while ordering this rucksack.

#4. TRAWOC 55 LTR Travel Backpack for Camping Hiking

If you are looking for a premium rucksack bag then you can go ahead and consider this rucksack from Trawoc. This back comes with premium buckles and stylish zip. The bag can easily be compacted with the help of the adjustable straps. The dimensions of this bag are 70 cm x 33 cm x 25 cm and the total volume of the rucksack is 50 L. There is a top handle available that can help unload the rucksack.

The shoulder straps of this rucksack are extra wide which means that they do not exert a lot of force on your shoulders. The material is highly water-resistant and that makes it very useful. This rucksack is also available at an affordable price.

TRAWOC isn’t a known brand like its other peers, but it has managed to make a mark in its niche audiences due to its sheer class, product quality and aggressive pricing model. It is surely one of the best rucksack in India of 2020.

#5. Chris & Kate Large Army Green Camouflage Bag

This is the second product from Chris & Kate in our list of best rucksack and well, one thing that we love about this rucksack is the camouflage design. The dimensions of this bag are 57 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm. In addition to this, the bag has a capacity of 45 L. You need to stay hydrated on the treks and because of this, the bag has 2 bottle straps as well. There are load lifter loops, which makes it easy to latch the bag if you plan to unload the rucksack.

The back panel is padded, which makes it very comfortable for you to carry the rucksack. The buckles of the rucksack are made of high-quality plastic. There are puller straps that can help you in compacting the rucksack so that you carry it easily.

#6. Tripole Walker 65 litres Rucksack

At number 6, we have a rucksack from Tripole. This is one of the best rucksacks in India, and it has a lot of space and if we talk about the features, the rucksack includes adjustable straps, mesh pockets, elastic loops and load pulling straps. There is also a bottom opening in the bag that can keep your dirty clothes away. The bag also includes a chest strap.

Apart from the features listed above, the bag has air-mesh padding to offer ease of carrying the rucksack. There is an additional compartment at the bottom which stores the rain cover that is also included with the rucksack. You can choose between the three colours available in this rucksack. The length of the bag is 30 inches and the width is 14 inches. It is undoubtedly one of the best rucksack bags for backpacking trips with friends or families.

#7. Amazon Basics Internal Frame (Hardback) Hiking Backpack

The last rucksack that we are going to talk about is from Amazon Basics. This rucksack is one of the most stylish rucksacks in the market and it is made of durable polyester. You can an option to choose between various capacities and colours available. The brand has taken care of the lower back support which means that there is open-cell foam lumbar pad and it also has molded channels for the lower back support

There are many pockets and compartments available in the rucksack and there is a dedicated compartment for keeping the sleeping bag. The multi-directional straps help you in compacting the stuff in the rucksack. The straps are all padded and they are also adjustable. There is also a waterproof cover included, and that’s why it is one of the top options when it comes to best rucksack in India of 2020.

Best Rucksack in India Buying Guide

Each one of us hasdifferent requirements. Because of this, you can’t go with the formula which says that one size fits all. Since you may have different requirements, we understand that you might want to buy something that meets your needs. In such a case, we have listed the points that you need to consider while making the purchase of best rucksack in India. This will help you in ensuring that the rucksack that you are buying is as per your requirements.


One thing that you need to decide before you start looking out for best rucksack is the purpose. Are you buying it for a long backpacking trip or are you buying it to use it as a day pack? This will define many other factors while you are purchasing the rucksack. So, first, decide the main purpose of the rucksack.


The next thing that you need to choose is the size of the rucksack. This is defined in terms of the liters and you need to consider the size as per the purpose and need. You can order the large ones as you will be able to use it for most of the generalized purposes. This way, you will not need different best rucksack bags for yourself.


The next factor to be considered is the material of the bag. Most of the best rucksack bags are made of polyester or nylon which is not just durable but also water resistant. This will help you in deciding the durability factor as well. We would recommend you to opt for synthetic material instead of buying cotton or leather. This is one of the most important factors for the purchase.

Rain cover& Water resistance

You must also check the water resistance levels of the best rucksack in India. Is it because of the material or is there any add-on feature in the bag? Check if the manufacturer is providing a rain cover with the bag as this will make it waterproof. You will need the rain cover while you are going for the treks.

Loading System& Compartments

There are two types of loading systems in the best rucksacks. One of them has the front load system and the second one has the top-loading system. The front-loading system gives you better access to your stuff. Also, check the number of compartments that are in the bag. A higher number of compartments is desirable so that you can divide your stuff easily.


The shoulder straps exert the pressure on your shoulder and the same is applicable for the back of the bag. You can check the kind of padding that the bag has on the shoulder straps as well as back support. This feature will ensure that you do not develop the sores on your shoulder or the back. Also, check out if the shoulder straps are adjustable or not.


Having a hip belt on your rucksack would make a lot of difference as well. This will not only help you in dividing the load but it would also help you in ensuring that you have better control of your posture while you are trekking. You can also check if the hip belt of the best rucksack has any kind of pockets or not.


This might just be a cosmetic factor but it matters a lot. We are sure that you need to buy a colour that looks attractive. While a lot of people like bold plain colours while there are people who like camouflage colours. You can make a choice, and you can see the variety available in the market.


Look for the branded products as they are going to be more durable when compared to the local best rucksack bags. Apart from this, also check the warranty policy. The branded rucksack would surely come with some kind of warranty. You might have to pay a premium for the branded rucksacks but the additional investment is worth it.


The last point here is to check for the price of the rucksack. This depends on your budget but having a budget in your mind will help you in shortlisting the best rucksack in India of 2020 easily. Certainly, an important factor to be considered.

With this, we have shared all the possible information for you. We would recommend you to go through the buying guide as we have listed some of the factors that can impact your purchase decision. You can then go through the products, and if you need more information about any of the best rucksacks 2020, then you can go ahead and visit the Amazon product link. This will help you in checking out the images as well as the specifications of the rucksack that you like. You can order a new rucksack before you plan your next travel and we are sure that you will be able to make full use of your new purchase. You are surely going to get a lot of compliments on your purchase. This was all for today and do share this page with your friends and family so that they can also choose the best rucksack available in India.

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